Date confirmed as 30th July 2016

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Questions and Answers

Please bring your music on CD and a backup CD

Any questions you can contact me on

Facebook: Becky Hampson or Pole2pole Cheshire heat

By phone 07720395723



The poles will be 3.5 metres apart from each other

The poles will be 40mm x poles supported to a beam

The height of the poles will be 3 meters.

The spinning pole will be on the right hand side from audience view and the other will be static.

PAHC Competition Entry

Judge: Danny Charge

Danny charge is a pole fitness instructor, model and actor currently living in Glasgow Scotland originally from Leeds.

Danny is best known for his wild stunts and crazy pole tricks and flips whether it’s in the studio at Twirl and Tone Pole Fit or hitting the streets with his urban pole where parkour (free running) meets pole fitness.

He’s probably best known for his numerous appearances on ITVs ninja warrior UK as a 2 time semi-finalist smashing the extreme course in great times.

He is also the model for winks latest epic line of men’s pole wear.

He has previously judged the all-Ireland pole competition alongside Sally-Ann Giles and Annie Norris, also He was a judge for the European online pole comp and is due to judge the pole2pole Cheshire heat.

He has worked as an instructor for 1.5 years at Twirl and Tone in Glasgow developing students from their first class to super advanced.

Judge: Kara Owen

Kara has been pole dancing since 2009, now a PDC approved instructor after opening her own studio in Feb 2015.

Kara is highly known for her BootyLush tours acros the country.

From 2011 to date Kara guests performs for other schools and events.

In 2014 she started the first Authentic Pole Dancing Competition in the UK, last year bringing over 300 pole dancers together with 48 performers.

She enjoy’s organising fun and friendly competitions for pole dancers.

She has judged many competitions and is a regular house judge at the Scottish Pole Dance Convention.

She loves to watch people dance and tell their story and to give encouraging feedback to ensure they feel great about their performance.

Judge: Sonia Allcock

Sonia has been pole dancing for 10 years and is well known by her signature move The Noodle.

Sonia won the North Wales Pole Dancing Competition 2010, claiming the Professional Champion title.

She loves to perform & for the last 4 years running has been a resident pole dancer at the Glastonbury Festival even appearing in the Q review magazine & on the TV in the official documentary.

Sonia is a seasoned professional, dedicated to providing top class, high quality lessons. She has also actively pursued and established herself amongst the UK’s top pole performers, having being asked to teach, compete and perform around the country.

Sonia thoroughly enjoys judging competitions, her favorite elements of a well rounded routine include performance & stage presence


NWPC Professional Champion 2010

- British Isles Championship Finalist 2010.

- AWPC 2nd Place 2011

- UKPPC Elite Finalist 2011

- AWPC 2nd Place 2012

- UKPPC Elite Finalist 2012

- European Championships 2011, 2012 -representing Wales.

Judging experience:

Pole Divas Championships 2009, 2010.

UKAPP 2010.

Welsh Heat Pole2Pole Cup 2011

All Ireland Pole Championships 2012

Scottish Heat Pole2Pole Cup 2012

Emma’s Pole Dancing Competion 2013

Sally-Ann Giles Free Style Awards 2012, 2013

Miss Wirral Pole Dancer 2013

Emma’s Pole Dancing Championships 2014

International Pole & Aerial Tournament 2015

Pole2Pole Amateur & Professional Manchester Heat 2015

Guest Performers

Some of the Competitors

Pictures by Tristan Mullany