Aerial Activity For Children

Becky is available to book for workshops at studios and private tuition

Classes For Under 16s

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Student Inaras mini routine

Student Lucinda Beardmore - First Pole Competition, Congleton

Junior student performing a silks double drop in junior and adult hoop and silks Sunday 4pm , great class for mums and daughters to do together.

Selby performing at Cheshire championships after just 3 months training from owner Becky

HFE accredited instructor

Instructors Qualifications:

All instructors are CRB checked

Lauren Boughey

Trinity college Diploma in professional dance

Diploma in dance instruction with the ISTD


First aid

Ellie Anderson

Qualified teacher with the international dance teachers association and the United Kingdom alliance

Teacher at Wilmslow High

Owner and director of Andersons school of dance

Becky Hampson

First Diploma Performing Arts

National Diploma Performing Arts

Theatre in education module

Community and applied drama module

Advanced community and applied Drama module

Working in schools through the use of video conferencing

Working at the community centre teaching art and design to children

Step Beyond, West Leigh high School dance group Teaching key stage 1,2,3 and 4 different routines to then be performed at shows.

Student's association scheme training

Shadowing teachers at Birchwood Community School

Teaching assistant year 4 and 5 Gilded Hollins Primary School

2:1 degree in Performing arts


Just wanted to say....after watching Abi tonight at her classes i was utterly impressed by yourself and the other teacher not only in your ability to perform the moves wonderfully but also with how you interact with the younger classes. The girls are spoken to with enthusiasm and support and I never once heard a negative remark from anyone the encouragement was very encouraging lol on a final note may i say being able to watch from such a comfortable and relaxed environment was a real treat with the added bonus of Obi's company x

Chloe has been learning the hoop for nearly 3 years at Body Coulture in Congelton and has enjoyed private lessons. She has just started silks and is loving it just as much as hoop. She has progressed so well that she has been encouraged to join a higher ability class. The staff are so very friendly , always supportive in her classes and also when she has been lucky enough to compete at a competition the staff have been there to cheer on and assist her. Ellie and Becky are always boosting her confidence and wishing her to achieve new goals,Everyone supports each other, its like one big family from the youngest member to the oldest.

My daughter, Amber aged 6, has been attending Body Couture's monthly children's session. She gets to use the silks and aerial hoops and really enjoys the class. It's great exercise, whilst bring fun and totally different to traditional classes she has attended. She is a lively child and enjoys the challenge. The staff, including the owner, Becky, are enthusiastic and friendly. Thank you for having a brilliant class.

My daughter has a processing disorder and finds school difficult. She has been coming to hoop and silks and pole for about a month now and her confidence has grown immensely. Lucy loves and looks forward to every session. Becky is very patient and gives her lots of support and praise. Thank you Becky for letting Lucy find herself.

Kids Events - In House

1x performance from your teacher

2 hour aerial hoop and silks party with games, mini routine, and party bags.

Upto 10 kids £200

Up to 15 kids £225

Upto 20 kids £250

None refundable deposit of £100 is required please follow the link below

Kids Events - At Venue

We will travel to you or a venue you have booked,(must be within 40 miles of the Congleton studio)

silks and hoop on a stage, please check with us for the dimensions of equipment to make sure this is possible before hiring, the stage can go in the garden also if required.

2 hours aerial hoop and silks party with games, mini routine and party bags.

1 performance from your instructor

Upto 10 kids £260

Upto 15 kids £300

Upto 20 kids £320

None refundable deposit of £100 is required please follow the link below


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